The Aircraft Constructor (also referred to as the HiTech Aircraft Designer Shop or Aircraft Design Shop) is a place where airlines can design their own planes and purchase them. It is only available in Airline Tycoon Evolution and Airline Tycoon Deluxe. The aircraft design shop run by Mr. Balderdash and is located on the upper level of the airport terminal, just above the conveyor belt to the left of the gate area. Its shortcut key is: X, and is always open.

To design a new plane, click on the computer next to Mr. Balderdash. You will, then, be shown a drawing board and various options for aircraft parts including:

  • A Fuselage
  • Wings
  • A Tail Unit (i.e. empennage)
  • A Nose
  • Engines

The goal is to find a balance between the following characteristics:

  • Weight - which dictates the number and thrust of engines required
  • Passengers - the maximum number of passengers the aircraft can fly per flight
  • Noise/Insulation - which, presumably, affects customer satisfaction
  • Fuel Consumption - a higher fuel consumption leads to higher flight costs
  • Reliability - determines the maintenance and repair costs of the aircraft
  • Velocity - how fast it will fly
  • Costs - the price tag of the aircraft when you go to buy it

What good would designing an airplane do if you cannot fly them? To buy a plane, speak to Mr. Balderdash. He will present you with a list of designed planes and their characteristics. Select a plane to buy it.

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